3 April 2020

TPSS+ (Trauma-focused Psycho-Social Support plus Elements of EMDR / formerly knows as ROTATE) is a short-term resource-based trauma therapy approach that is especially suitable for clients with complex trauma conditions, i.e. posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and comorbid conditions. It can be used as a tool for psychotraumatologists and counselors in the field of psychological trauma.

The double abbreviation of the name has the following meaning:

TPSS+ = Trauma-focused Psycho-Social Support +

ROTATE = Resource-Oriented Trauma Therapy with Elements of EMDR.

Whereas in the last version only the term ROTATE was used to designate the approach, it has proved necessary to introduce the new designation TPSS+ to make it clear that this is an approach of social support which is not only aimed at trained psychotherapists but also at a wider circle of trauma counsellors.

The name ROTATE has been retained, not only because the approach has been cited under this name in important international publications, but also because it provides specific information on the nature of the approach. As suggested by this name, it exhibits three major features:

• First, it aims at strengthening resilience and coping capacities by activating positive personal resources and includes a variety of imaginative resource-activating methods within a framework informed by affective neuroscience and resilience research.

• Second, it largely draws on psychodynamic principles of therapeutic relationship and attachment theory.

• Third, it includes several elements of EMDR (Eye Movement desensitization and reprocessing, Shapiro 2001). EMDR is an evidence-based psychotherapy to treat PTSD which uses bilateral stimulation as its central agent. In addition to the EMDR standard protocol, several modifications have been developed, some of which involve resourceactivation (e.g. Knipe 2011). Clearly, this approach does not include the full EMDR standard protocol; rather, a small number of EMDR techniques have been selected and adapted in order to reinforce the resources activated and to reduce the stress by traumatic memories.

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